Shawn Ford

Shawn Ford was born and raised in New Orleans. She graduated from O.P. Walker Sr.
High Shool, and has a certificate in Business Administration. Shawn has worked in the
healthcare industry for over fifteen years, and has ten years of administrative
experience. Prior work experience includes Metropolitan Developmental Center, and
Positive Family Solutions. She has worked at Northwestern Human Services for six
years, and was recently promoted to Program Assistant. Northwestern Human Services
is a nonprofit healthcare organization that integrates behavioral health services in
community and site-based settings.

Shawn will be assisting with community outreach and business administration services
for NOLA Brain and Behavior, LLC. The goal is to continue to create a network of
services and resources to support brain health in Louisiana through patient care,
innovative program development, and community education. NOLA Brain is
collaborating with the Brain Institute of Louisiana, a charitable non-profit designed to
promote brain health through research and education.