Debora Jackson

Deborah Jackson is a native of New Orleans. She graduated from Remington College and has an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. Deborah has worked in a variety of healthcare and human services industries. She has worked at the Mahalia Jackson Theater, and the New Orleans Saenger Theater. She is currently working at Northwestern Human Services. She has worked as a Certified Peer Support Specialist for the past 8 years. Her job involves site and community-based services to assist with ongoing care of individuals with a history of severe and persistent mental illness. She is on the Assertive Community Treatment Team. Northwestern Human Services is a nonprofit healthcare organization that integrates behavioral health services in community and site-based settings.

Deborah will be assisting with administrative and patient-care services for NOLA Brain and Behavior, LLC. The goal is to provide a range of clinical, education, and forensic services including services for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders, traumatic brain injury, post-stroke cognitive and behavioral disorders, sleep problems, and developmental speech-language disorders. NOLA Brain offers a continuum of care in cognitive and behavioral neurology, neuropsychiatry, and sleep medicine.